Peter Bowles

In the nineteen years that Peter has been involved with glass, he has developed a unique style of working. Having worked in over thirty glass studios throughout Europe and Australia, he has been exposed to a huge variety of working practices and has had the opportunity to work with some of the finest contemporary designers, makers and artists. His current practice draws on the diversity of his experience as he continually experiments and explores new ways of working with the material.

Glass Manifesto is the Studio and Gallery of Peter Bowles and Anne Clifton. Established in 2003, it was an ambitious project being Perth’s first independent glass blowing and casting studio offering a broad range of contemporary handmade glass for the discerning collector. They have now relocated to Tasmania.

With a dedication to fine making and innovation, Peter and Anne have developed a unique range of contemporary glass that has gained them great respect nationally and internationally. 

The extraordinary diversity of the range is a testament to Peter and Anne’s skills as designers, glass makers and artists and has given Glass Manifesto its reputation as international standard glassmakers.

Made in Australia.

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