Anne Clifton

Anne began her artistic education with a diploma in sculpture; it was only in her final semester of a three year Visual Arts degree in ceramics, at Western Australia’s Edith Cowan University, that she discovered the seductive medium of hot glass. After working as an assistant for other glass artists from 1998 she finally decided to establish Bodaecia Glass – her production house.

Coming from what she terms as the “usage and abusage” of other mediums, Anne feels at liberty to take advantage of the beauty and jewel-like qualities of hot glass. Preferring luscious ruby, amethyst and emerald hues, she relishes the preciousness of these transparent colours. By using the magic of dichroic - the beetled-back foiled glass which is then covered with a thick coating of molten glass - Anne creates unique perfume bottles and limited edition paper weights. The effect of dichroic suggests cut glass in the form, complex in the making but somehow simple in design and highly seductive to the eye.

Her perfume bottles are completed by a handmade perfect stopper, commissioned and made by fellow Western Australian hot glass artist, Peter Bowles. 

Anne has been the recipient of the Dick Pascoe Memorial Award and the Pat Corrigan Artists Award – granted by the National Association for the Visual Arts.  

Her work has been shown in a number of select exhibitions both here in Perth and in other Australia capital cities and is available in a number of galleries.

Made in Australia.

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