Narelle Pendlebury

Narelle Pendlebury is an established Western Australian artist with a background in Fine Arts and Art Education. She practices mainly in the areas of painting, textiles and ceramics. Her paintings include large abstract sea, cloud and waterscapes, as well as mixed media works. These works are often figurative, and explore the themes of dream, flight, symbol and the ocean.

Narelle’s unique mixed media works have developed from a method of working which fuses and extends the processes of drawing, printmaking, painting and textiles, with an emphasis on the interplay of surface, texture and transparent layers.

An important part of Narelle’s work is the physical processes employed – the carving of lino to make prints and rubbings, the dyeing and manipulation of fabrics, the embellishment of surfaces using machine stitch. Each medium and technique draws her to work in a different way, and she is continually exploring new ways of combining techniques and media to create the effects she desires in her work.

Integral to the work also, is the concept and activity of layering – dyed, printed and painted materials, often transparent and translucent, are stitched and combined with embossed shims and printed materials. Acrylic and oil mediums are then subtly layered over these pieces to create highly worked and jewel-like surfaces.

Narelle has undertaken many commissions, including the design and creation of large ceramic and mosaic wall murals.

She has held several successful solo exhibitions and her works are represented in many corporate and private collections throughout Australia and overseas.

Made in Western Australia.

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