Rivarossa Botanicals

Rivarossa Botanicals, by Carly Catalano, was born from a lifelong passion for crafting and experimenting with different art forms. Her focus on botanical dyeing came naturally, as she fell in love with the beauty and variability of natural dyes. As a mum herself, she understandd the importance of finding pieces that are versatile, durable, and work with your everyday schedule. That's why each of Rivarossa Botanicals ethically-made pieces has been designed to fit seamlessly into your life, no matter what stage you're in.

At Rivarossa Botanicals' core, they believe that the beauty of nature can be found everywhere - all you have to do is slow down and look for it. They use only natural Australian plants and flowers they have grown themselves in their dyeing process, and never any harsh chemicals.

Rivarossa Botanicals is a conscious brand that focuses on ethical and sustainable practices in every aspect of their production process. Their commitment to sustainability begins with the sourcing of fabrics, all of which are ethically sourced from India. Their choice of materials is carefully selected to ensure that they complement the design and are environmentally friendly.

In the world of natural dyeing, the process of achieving beautiful, eco-friendly hues is a journey filled with many variables and endless opportunities for learning and growth. However, with time and practice, the natural dyeing process can become a beautiful part of the creative journey.

Made in Western Australia.

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