Nathan Ferlazzo

Born in Melbourne, Nathan Ferlazzo studied multimedia design at Monash University. He worked in various design studios in Melbourne for several years as a graphic designer before making the exciting move to found a family business – Marini Ferlazzo.

Nathan has a passion for not only art and wildlife, but for science and nature. Inspired by people like David Attenborough and characters from his favourite books, like Mowgli and Bagheera (The Jungle Book), Nathan is in constant pursuit to expand his knowledge about planet Earth and its connection to humans. Nathan draws using pen and ink on paper and digital methods for colour. The intricate illustrations intended to highlight both the beauty of the world's wildlife while educating and inspiring viewers to take action to help protect threatened species.

Nathan’s family business, Marini Ferlazzo, was founded and run with his mother, Clare, and sister, Simone. They work alongside not-for-profit organisations to support wildlife conservation around the world. Marini Ferlazzo create collections in collaboration with their conservation partners and a share of profits is donated to their organisations.

Aspects stocks a selection of Marini Ferlazzo's Australian made range.

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