Caslake and Pedler

Caslake and Pedler Glass is a partnership between Meg Caslake, a glassblower and David Pedler, a ceramicist.

Meg and David’s hot glass studio is nestled in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Surrounded by cherry orchards, they have a beautiful environment in which to create these unique works of glass.

The couple met at Adelaide’s renowned JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design Centre and they quickly found that each had an appreciation for the design and production of quality handcrafted artwork.

Their passion for handmade glass is evident, as they are deeply involved in every aspect of glassmaking; from their first designs, to the melting and colouring of the sand, to the magic of creating art with molten glass.

Caslake and Pedler's unique collections reflect Australia's beachside lifestyle, with its bright light, blue skies and aqua seas.

Made in Australia.

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