Jilungin Dreaming Tea

Traditional Owners used this "Jilungin" sleeping tea to put rowdy children to sleep so that the adults would have some peace, and who doesn't want that? This natural sleep cure is rich in antioxidants helping to solidify the intense potency that makes its sleep-improving quality catch the attention of universities across Australia.

Jilungin will have you drifting off like nothing else before. Harvested and used by First Nations People as a powerful sleep tonic, it has improved sleep for thousands of years.


Origin: Made in Australia

Pack Contents: Loose leaf tea 20g (net)

Ingredients: 100% wild harvested jilungin (Terminalia canescens) - includes stems and leaves

Note: Gluten free, natural ingredients, no additives

Packaging: Plastic-free and non-toxic packaging is made using kraft paper and corn starch for the inner plastic and non-toxic plant-based inks