Lemon Myrtle Syrup

Who says breakfast has to be boring?! Sweeten up your morning with this irresistible syrup!

A premium handcrafted syrup with sweet notes that are meant to compliment and not overpower. A little of this on your pancakes will have your tastebuds begging for more!

One of Australia's best-known bushfoods, Lemon Myrtle is the king (or Queen) of citrus flavourings. It has extensive health benefits, and has been researched for its powerful antibacterial properties. Its deep-green fresh leaves are aromatic, and are the perfect compliment to a refreshing drink.

How to use:
Pour with sparkling water, lightly pour over a pavlova, use to glaze a sponge cake, or add a dash to some prosecco.

Recipe for Lemon Myrtle Daiquiri included.

Origin: Made in Australia

Volume/Weight: 200ml

Ingredients: Sugar, water, lemon myrtle (min 1%), native spices

Packaging: Glass bottle, 100% plastic-free packaging