Vectis Ori

Keith Terry is a retired Radiation Physicist who now spends his time travelling, playing golf, ballroom dancing and weaving. He lives in Shelley, a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

He became involved in weaving when his Japanes partner, who was spinning and weaving at the time, was asked to source a weaving loom for a friend of a friend arriving from overseas. After checking out the loom, Keith became hooked on the idea of weaving.

For his weaving, Keith has a one metre wide eight-shaft floor loom, on which he mainly weaves scarves and shawls. He loves weaving high quality yarns like cashmere and alpaca, especially Australian alpaca yarns that have been locally produced and dyed. With his weaving process he can also use different fibres such as Corriedale and Merino sheep's wool, silk, cotton and linen.

Keith’s brand label, Vectis Ori, comes from the Roman name for the Isle of Wight where Keith was born (Vectis) and the Japanese word for weaving (Ori).

Made in Western Australia.

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