Convict has created a range of unique handbags with Australia at its’ heart. Convict handbags are not only stop, look and ‘where did you get that’ pieces, they are beautifully designed and made in Australia, and tell a great Australian story.

The business baby of Karen Adie, Convict has it’s home in the leafy bush setting of Perth Hills, but Convicts’ design aesthetic was influenced by other passions; the raw landscapes of Australia and a connection to the iconic poem 'My Country', by Dorothea Mackellar.

The Convict story wouldn’t be complete without researching the stories of Australia's convict past – they found moving accounts of individuals and families; stories of resilience, of bushrangers and pirates, and daring escapees.

Convict's design philosophy is simple. The aesthetic is pared back, utilitarian and timeless with a luxe-y feel, reflecting the raw beauty of Australia and our barefoot lifestyle. Convict are not into fast fashion. Convict's collections will grow and evolve, and their wish is that they’ll gracefully age.

All Convict pieces are made from good quality materials and hand-chosen hides. They feel and smell superb. The hand-making of their handbags reflect the European Fashion house traditions using skilled artisans and master craftsmen. Convict seek out craftsmen who take as much pride as they do in the hand-making of their handbags and accessories. Their suppliers are real people with many years of artisan experience, living right here in Australia.

Made in Western Australia.

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