Vivienne Jagger

From a background in industrial design, an on-again-off-again interest in ceramics, and a long love affair with glass objects, Vivienne Jagger began working in glass about five years ago. Vivienne says glass is “a medium that never fails to surprise or excite me. The ‘what if’ element of glass is most compelling, inviting me always to try something new.”

Vivienne is inspired by the landscape and the fluidity of nature. Having spent her early years in the soft grey tones of England, she feels invigorated by the clear brilliant hues which surround us in Western Australia. Vivienne is particularly drawn to try and capture the movement of water, whether in the large swells of the ocean or the ripples in the shallows of a rock pool.

Much of Vivienne’s recent work is fusing multiple layers of glass, giving a three dimensional look to the finished piece. The piece is then cold worked, sometimes sandblasted and sometimes slumped or fixed in a steel frame on a wooden box.

Made in Western Australia.

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