Jackie Masters

Perth, Western Australia, is Jackie Masters’ home and the place where her journey with clay began.

A sense of place and a reflection of what our incredible Australian landscape has to offer is what Jackie tries to capture in her work. The vibrant and rich colours of the outback, the cool blues of our oceans and the varied textures found in the environment are highlighted by the glazes that she personally develops and creates.

Jackie says her own personal adventures with clay has been filled with successes and failures, but it has been one that has allowed her to create different and unique forms and to make incredible glazes. She loves to throw pots, but tends to spend an insurmountable number of hours conjuring up ways to tweak and alter her every growing, cohort of glazes.

The series Jackie is currently pursuing is an effort to capture “the colours of Australia", which has seen her hours of glaze testing unfold into an incredible palette of glazes.

Made in Western Australia.

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