Fink and Co.

Fink and Co. are one of Australia’s leading design and manufacturing companies. Established by Robert Foster in 1993 to manufacture contemporary and innovative tableware, his vision was to stimulate the Australian design industry.  As a natural progression from Foster’s highly distinctive and acclaimed exhibition work as a silversmith; object designer; lighting and furniture, his seventeen years of experience in the arts and design has driven this truly unique design company. Sadly, Robert died in a car accident in 2016. Today, Fink and Co. is spearheaded by Gretel Harrison, who is not only the face of the company but who also leads a dynamic team of practitioners. The company has continued to go from strength to strength as Gretel and the Fink and Co. staff builds on the legacy of Robert Foster.

Fink and Co. aim to create opportunities for other Australian designers. Each object in the Fink and Co. range has its own story of development and usually involves some form of innovation both technically and aesthetically. Particular attention is given to the functionality, performance and quality of the making and finishing of products. Through the brave use of colour and the combination of elements and unique forms, Fink and Co. has transformed utilitarian items to objects of pure pleasure.

Designed by Australian artists and made solely in Australia. Most of the manufacturing processes occur in the Fink and Co. studio where extensive product design, prototyping, research and development, tooling, devising of production processes and technology are carried out.  Products are not mass-produced but produced in small runs, requiring a highly skilled team.  Each product is individually hand finished and therefore individual and embedded with its own unique characteristics – more like a piece of art.

Made in Australia.

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