Anne Sorensen

Anne Sorensen was born in Tasmania and moved to Western Australia in 1978.

Anne has been a practising glass artist for twenty five years. She is a studio glass artist. Her work is developed directly from emotional responses to events that occur in her life as well as in response to her environment. Much of her work is anthropomorphic. Key themes that drive her work are pairings, tonal change, line, light and balance.

Anne’s career in glass began with stained glass. It was a natural development to move to warm glass, to enable more artistic expression. This was achieved with workshops from International and Australian glass artists. A workshop at Canberra Glassworks with Klaus Moje and Kirstie Rea, in 2013, resulted in a one year mentorship with Kirstie. This saw Anne consolidate and develop many of her ideas, particularly developing surface textures. Fuse-casting glass allows the freedom to manipulate the glass in a molten state, alter colour and form using kilns, custom made metal moulds, heat and gravity. Surface treatments by machine or hand can evoke a subtlety of expression, to take advantage of the natural qualities of reflection and refraction that glass allows.

Anne has been a finalist in the Ranamok Glass Prize several times. She was also a selected finalist in the MAGE Glass Exhibitions and has won many awards for her work. Anne’s work has been commissioned for leading figures internationally and nationally. Anne exhibits regularly in Australia in selected exhibitions.

Made in Western Australia.

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