Kathryn Louise Textile Design

Kathryn Chynoweth is a self-taught textile artist. Her pieces are created through a process of colour layering, flow and repetition of shape. It’s not unusual for pieces to change and evolve with each brush stroke of colour, or another layer of hand stitched or machine sewn fabric. Kathryn uses natural fibres - lustrous silks and finely woven cottons and wools, all hand painted, layered, manipulated and embellished. 

Currently living in Geraldton, Kathryn has been fortunate to live along the spectacular coastline of Western Australia since moving from Adelaide over 20 years ago; from Leeman, a sleepy fishing village in the mid west to Port Hedland, to an iron ore powerhouse in the Pilbara.

“Western Australia is a truly unique environment, where texture and colour abounds. The seemingly endless horizon, technicolour sunsets that sink over the vast Indian Ocean. Wide open spaces scattered with rugged ancient landforms and gorges, all in hues of rust, gold and brown. A coastline that weaves in and out, where every day, perfect patterns are formed in the sand, and then washed away with the tides. It’s these colours, patterns, and layers that I see, that are the foundation of my work, and continually inspire me to create unique, wearable precious pieces and contemporary art.” - Kathryn Chynoweth

Made in Western Australia.

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