Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor was born in country Western Australia and lived on a farm. It was there she learnt to value the signs of textures and surfaces. These could indicate seasons, impending changes, growth, climate and presence if wild life. Wool was the family life line.

Years later when living in the North West, where the extremes of vibrant colour clashed and moulded against the landscape, she lived in a harsh climate with the strongest of colours diminishing into the lightest hues.

All these left an impression on her artistic mind. After a term in Asia her appreciation of exotic silks where layers and undertones reflect a nuance of colour at every turn.

The circle of life is complete by her returning to live on the land where the pace of life permits time to reflect on textures and surfaces. Her work is a celebration of nature, silk, colour and a passion for the art of felting techniques, natural dyes and fine merino wool.

Made in Western Australia.

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