The Southwest

The Southwest: Australia's Biodiversity Hotspot
Victoria Laurie

Victoria Laurie offers us in words and pictures the southwest of Australia, a land triangle that encompasses a multitude of natural worlds. One third of all known Australian plant species is found growing in the southwest, and the region has been designated 'Australia's Global Biodiversity Hotspot,' one of only thirty-four such hotspots in the world and the only one on this continent. Driven by her own passion for this country, Laurie presents us with the voices of scientists and those dedicated to protecting a fragile ecology supporting up to 150,000 species. Life forms and landscapes are a feature of this informative and thrilling discovery of a region that has evolved with abundant biodiversity because of its isolation.

Dimensions: H 28cm x W 22cm x D 1.8cm

ISBN: 9781742585000

Publisher: UWA Publishing

Publication Date: 2015

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 218