Book - Growing Locals, Gardening with Local Plants in Perth

This is a new edition of Growing Locals: Gardening with Local Plants in Perth, by Robert Powell & Jane Emberson. Besides advice on how to foster a community of local native plants in your garden (or elsewhere), and discussion of why it is desirable, the book will include an updated list of native plants of the Perth Metropolitan Region (over 1,800) and their distribution, compiled by Greg Keighery, Vanda Longman & Barbara Rye.

The definitive guide to growing local native plants in the Perth region.
This book:
• explains the value of local plants
• deals with planning, establishing and managing your garden
• describes how to observe plants and their response to their environment
• discusses the associations between plants and animals
• includes a list of virtually all the plant species of the Perth region, showing where they grow
• suggests where to see examples of Perth’s different plant communities.

Dimensions: 30x21x1cm

Volume/Weight: 780g

ISBN: 9780980641769

Publisher: Robert Powell & Jane Emberson

Publication Date: 2023

Format: Softcover

Number of Pages: 164