The Coast Watchers



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The Coast Watchers: The Men Behind Enemy Lines Who Saved the Pacific
Patrick Lindsay

After Pearl Harbor, Japan swept unchecked through the Pacific. But a tiny band of brave men stayed behind the enemy lines. Aided by loyal islanders, they watched and they warned. They were the Coast Watchers. They saved countless lives - including that of future US President John F. Kennedy - and they changed the course of the Pacific War. They knew capture meant certain execution but, while the Japanese hunted them, they moved and hid in the jungle, taking their cumbersome teleradios with them (equipment that took more than a dozen men to transport). They warned of Japanese air strikes, reported on the movements of their shipping and troops, and saved scores of downed airmen. Their reports gave vital warning time to the Allies and allowed them to take a decisive toll on the enemy. The famed American admiral, William 'Bull' Halsey summed it up - Guadalcanal saved the Pacific, and the Coast Watchers saved Guadalcanal.

About the Author:
After a long career as a print and television journalist, Patrick Lindsay is now one of Australia's leading non-fiction authors. Among his many bestsellers are The Spirit of Kokoda, The Spirit of The Digger, Back From the Dead, The Spirit of Gallipoli, Heart of a Champion, Cosgrove - Portrait of a Leader, Fromelles and Kokoda Spirit. Prior to writing fulltime, Patrick had leading roles on the Nine and Seven Networks. He lives in Sydney with his wife Lisa Cotton and has three grown-up children, Nathan, Kate and Sarah.

Dimensions: H 20cm x W 12.9cm x D 3cm

ISBN: 9781742753126

Publisher: Random House Australia

Publication Date: 2011

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 448