Reconcilaition Memoirs with Carol Innes

Reconciliation Memoirs with Carol Innes
in conversation with Victoria Laurie

Each year, Reconciliation WA produces the memoirs of a long-standing champion in the reconciliation movement.

This year Reconciliation WA sat down with Noongar leader Carol Innes AM, to present her Reconciliation Memoirs, written in collaboration with Victoria Laurie. Carol is a committed advocate for the reconciliation movement, and has made a significant contribution to the recognition, preservation, and advancement of Aboriginal culture, rights, and economic opportunities in Western Australia.

Carol served as the Co-Chair for Reconciliation WA for seven years and is currently Co-Director at Danjoo Koorliny, an Aboriginal-led project to help all of us walk together as Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to co-create a better future for all.

Dimensions: H 21cm x W 14.7cm

Publisher: Reconciliation WA

Publication Date: 2023

Format: Softcover

Number of Pages: 52