Lucky-Child: The Secret

Lucky-Child: The Secret
Dr Chelinay Gates

Answering her dying great grandmother's call, Lucy is lured into the dark red heart of Australia's Great Sandy Desert. Indigenous mother tongues, Mangala and Wajarri exquisitely mimic the landscapes and evoke a feeling of timelessness that transports Lucy and the all-female search party into a Dreamtime World where she learns to respect the Lore, Country and herself. "Like the striking of an ancient gong, I heard my name Lucy Lucky-Child"

"Impressed by the strong writing voice and the beautiful sense of place depicted in Lucky-Child. Lucy's coming-of-age is compelling and infused with emotion. The Secret is an impressive accomplishment and difficult to put down." - Black and Write Australian Publisher

“The best piece of literature I've read in a long time. I could see, hear, feel, taste and smell the story... it stands the reader between the past and the future, the earth below and the heavenly aspect above... The Secret becomes the vehicle for forgiveness, compassion and love." - Laksar Burra, author of 'Spirit of the Night Sky'

About the Author:

Dr. Chelinay Gates is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a practitioner of Hypnosis and Esoteric Acupuncture, as well as a professional artist and creative.

Known for her light-filled, impressionist works, Chelinay has won numerous prizes and was awarded “Female Artist of the Year” in Australia in 1990, before being included into the “Who’s Who” book of Western Australia in 2007.

Collections can be found at places like the Perth Children’s Hospital, Sir Charlies Gardner Hospital, The National Portrait Gallery (New South Wales), The Residency Museum in Albany, Guildford Grammar School and many other public and private collections.

Inspired by her father and other indigenous elders, like Ken Colbung and Jimmy Chi, she has involved herself in issues of social injustice, community services and protection of sacred sites.

Having had her husband and fellow artist, Dr. Drewfus Gates, horrifically burnt in 2001 while on an art trip to remote Australia, her focus moved from art to caring for Drew and her 4 children, while developing her Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic. 

Dimensions: H 23cm x W 15cm x D 2cm

ISBN: 9780228821144

Publisher: Tellwell Talent

Publication Date: 2019

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 356