Letters to My Child Writing Pack

This stationery kit includes 19 sets of notepaper for you to write to your child each year, from a newborn baby (or even before) to when they turn 18.

The first three years include a page for you to write wishes you have for your child. From age 3 to 18, the sets include interview questions that you can ask each year. Write the letters and put them away for your child to enjoy when they’re older.

Pack includes 76 sheets of notepaper:

  • 3 x pages of wishes for your child (baby to age 2)
  • 16 x interview question pages (3 to age 18)
  • 57 x sheets of notepaper (3 per year)
  • Pages are 14cm x 20cm in size. Each page is double-sided with space to write on the front and a colourful backing on the opposite side.
  • 19 x C6 envelopes

This is the perfect gift for new parents to help share their thoughts and dreams for their child as they grow.

Origin: Made in Australia

Pack Contents: 19 sets of notepaper, 19 envelopes

Packaging: Boxed