Jarrah Fence Post Vase

These ornamental wooden vases have been crafted from old jarrah fence posts from the Margaret River region.

Each one is completely unique in shape, colour, texture and features, with lichen covering parts of its naturally weathered surface.

Origin: Made in Western Australia

Materials: Old jarrah fence post

Dimensions: Small H 35cm, Medium H 45cm, Large H 55cm

Note: Timber is a natural material - each piece will have its own unique variations in colour and grain. Each piece is handmade and unique. Colours, patterns and shapes may vary from the images shown online. Sizes are approximate.

Care Instructions: In the Margaret River environment, the lichen (composite of fungus and green alga) forms naturally on the jarrah fence posts. Once removed from this environment the lichen is no longer living. Over time, the colour of the lichen may lighten from green to yellow. As the lichen is no longer living, it may become brittle and should be handled with care to avoid it shedding from the post. During production, the fence post is treated with an oil lacquer to help prevent this occurring and to prolong the life of the finish. It is recommended that the fence post is kept in a shaded position and while it can be wrapped for a short period (to freight or give as a gift) it should not be wrapped for prolonged periods of time.