Full Circle

Full Circle: A search for the world that comes next
Scott Ludlam

A visionary book for our wild times.

In 'Full Circle', Scott Ludlam draws on his unique experience as senator and activist to capture our world on a precipice and explore what comes next.

We are now in the Anthropocene - humans are changing the earth's climate irreversibly, and political, human and natural systems are on the cusp of collapse. Ludlam shines a light on the bankruptcy of the financial and political systems that have led us here- systems based on the exploitation of the earth's resources, and 99 per cent of the world's population labouring for the wealth of 1 per cent.

One way or another, we are headed for radical change. Ludlam seeks old and new ways to make our systems humane, regenerative and more in tune with nature. He travels the globe to see what happens when ordinary people stand up to corporations and tyrants. He takes the reader on a journey through time to discover the underlying patterns of life. And he finds that we are at a unique moment when billions of tiny actions by individuals and small groups are coalescing into one great movement that could transform history.

Bringing together a wealth of new ideas, 'Full Circle' outlines a new ecological politics. It is a visionary book for our wild times.

About the Author:
Scott Ludlam was a senator from 2008 to 2017 and served as deputy leader of the Australian Greens. He has also worked as a filmmaker, artist and graphic designer. This is his first book, the fruit of a life of activism, study and travel.

Dimensions: H 23.3cm x W 15.4cm x D 2.8cm

ISBN: 9781760640835

Publisher: Black Inc

Publication Date: 2021

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 368