Blue Rottnest Island Daisy Seeds

Blue Rottnest Island Daisy
Botanic name : Trachymene caerulea
Also known as: blue lace flower

Lovely, sturdy small annual shrub with attractive long-stemmed soft blue to mauve flowers in pin-cushion shaped clusters up to 7cm (3″) across, in spring and summer amongst the pale green 10cm (4″) leaves.

Grows to 1m (3′) and 0.5 m (18″) across. Provides an excellent colourful display in a garden, in pots or as long-lasting cut flowers. Easily grown from seed sown in autumn or winter and requires little attention. Has been widely grown outside Australia.

Smoke is recommended for the best germination results of this wildflower species. We recommend the use of Wildflower Seed Starter granules when planting these seeds.

Origin: Made in Western Australia

Pack Contents: Approx. 110 seeds

Note: Restrictions may apply to the importation of wildflower seeds from Australia to other countries. It remains the responsibility of the end-customer outside Australia to ascertain the conditions applying in their home country. Aspects accepts no responsibility for seeds delayed or impounded due to a breach of another country’s regulations.

Care Instructions: Small, light seeds – open with care onto a sheet of paper. Avoid windy conditions when opening the packet.