Banksia Hollow Tea Lights

The banksia seed pod is made up of many holes where it once held its seeds. When shaped and hollowed, candlelight can be seen flickering through these naturally formed holes, casting a beautiful effect by night.

The Plant
The Banksia grandis is a prolific and distinctive banksia tree found in the south west of Western Australia. This variety grows particularly large at a height of 5-15 metres and the large cylindrical yellow flowers reach up to 35cm long. It takes 24 months from the time the tree produces the flower to the time the banksia nut reaches maturity and is suitable for picking. The fact that the tree re-grows its pods over time makes the banksia an incredibly renewable resource.

Responsibility and sustainability
The collection of the Banksia grandis is highly regulated by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Western Australia. The seed pods collected have expelled their seeds and have completed the lifecycle of the plant. They are carefully handpicked to ensure no damage is done to the tree itself or the Australian bushland and only 10% of the banksia seed pods can be collected in any one area at a time.

Origin: Made in Australia

Materials: Banksia grandis seed pod. This is a natural material - each piece will have its own unique variations in colour and grain.

Pack Contents: Two tealight candle holders, two tealight candles

Dimensions: H 7cm x D 7cm

Note: Each piece is handmade and unique. Colours, patterns and shapes may vary slightly from the images shown online. Sizes are approximate.

Packaging: Boxed