Opal Crystalline Vase

These delicate Crystalline Vases show off a colour fade from pastel yellow, white to light blue which is created by a unique glaze formula made up from a number of minerals. The crystalline effect reveals its colours when fired at high temperatures.

The simple tactile form of the vase, handmade out of fine imperial porcelain, brings the attention to texture and sheen of the glaze.

Origin: Made in Australia

Materials: Fine imperial porcelain

Dimensions: Small H 12cm x W 8cm x D 4.5cm, Medium H 19.5cm x W 12.5cm x D 7cm, Large H 30cm x W 17cm x D 10cm

Note: Each piece is handmade and unique. Colours, patterns and shapes may vary slightly from the images shown online. Sizes are approximate.