Be Your Own Wildflower Affirmation Cards



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Be Your Own Wildflower Affirmation Cards
30 daily affirmation cards inspired by Holly Ringland's beloved book 'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart'

Following the worldwide success of Holly Ringland's critically acclaimed debut novel 'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart', this gorgeous set of affirmation cards continues the powerful message to 'have courage, take heart' - to 'Be Your Own Wildflower' - each and every day.

Thoughtfully curated and featuring stunning full-colour artwork, these cards can be used as meditations, reflections or daily inspiration through the celebration of unique Australian flowers and the calming power of nature.

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Dimensions: H 13.3cm x W 8.7cm

ISBN: 9781460761663

Publisher: Harpercollins Publishers

Publication Date: 2 Mar 2022

Format: Novelty book

Number of Pages: 30