Food of the Southern Forests

Food of the Southern Forests
Sophie Zalokar

You may not have heard much about the Southern Forests, but you've probably been eating fresh food grown in this region your whole life.

Well-known Western Australian chef Sophie Zalokar (from the popular Foragers Field Kitchen and Cooking School in Pemberton) brings together forty producers and gatherers from the land, freshwater and sea, and creates recipes that show her love of authentic and exciting regional food, alongside the stories of the down-to-earth people who grow it.

Zalokar sources seasonal produce from this diverse and abundant region to offer surprising creations. Kale and ricotta wraps are served beside a wattleseed za'atar. Mulled blueberries join elderflower fritters and sweet labna. Wild mushrooms are foraged. Fingerlimes garnish marron and avocado. Salted caramel butter is spread on a macadamia and dried pear loaf.

This book is a must for anyone interested in eating fresh, local and sustainable produce, as well as an inspiration for the creative, forward-thinking cook.

Dimensions: H 28cm x W 21cm

ISBN: 9781742585512

Publisher: UWA Publishing

Publication Date: 2014

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 400