Yuko Fujita

Yuko Fujita graduated with a degree in Japanese literature in Japan before coming to Australia to study jewellery. She first studied at NMIT and later completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Gold and Silversmithing) at RMIT University.

Yuko perceives the world, whether a single object or an event, to be made of simple, routine incidents or fundamental elements. However the combination of these components or sequence of events creates a complicated, unique, unexpected world and this leads to a different experience.

She learnt this concept through observing nature, particularly exploration of the botanical form. She admires the beauty in nature and enjoys utilising what she sees in nature to shape a new identity.

Yuko concentrates on both her concept focused jewellery intended for exhibitions, as well as wearable jewellery. She borrows from her literary influences, using visual language and materials (found objects and gold and silver) to tell a story. Her work is all hand crafted and expressed in three dimensional sculptural forms.

Yuko extracts elements such as shape, colour, and texture from nature. She relies on her intuitive approach to the characteristic qualities of the material to realise images, emotions and stories in obscure metaphorical forms so that viewer/wearer can engage the work with their own interpretation.

Made in Australia.

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