Teresa Fernandez

The work of Teresa Fernandez is all about the story, either real or imagined. Everything she creates has a tale, something meaningful to her, sometimes made clearly obvious to the observer and other times a little deeper or nuanced. Sometimes her work is traditional but often quirky and amusing.

Teresa began painting as a way to find balance in the highly structured world of corporate engineering in which she has spent a great deal of her working life. Business travel meant a lot of time spent alone in lounges, airports and similar places observing people. Stories had always formed unaided in her mind, but this was fertile ground for newer and more interesting tales.

Curiosity and experimentation are significant motivators resulting in art that is not placed within the boundaries of a single style. Teresa’s work can vary between still life and abstract, she is more interested in discovery that settling into one form of expression.

Using layers, colours and silhouettes, Teresa creates rich, textured semi abstract ‘landscapes’ that radiate with energy and a sense of fun. Her still life paintings typically contain nostalgic characters from childhood. The botanical work she produces is representative of the abundance of natural flora in Western Australia, a ‘backyard’ full of endless inspiration.

Teresa studied at Perth Central Institute of Technology and Claremont School of Art. She has been a painter for most of her life and full-time professional artist for six years working mostly in acrylics. Teresa also manages an art gallery, organizes fund raising events via art exhibitions and supports other artists in setting up and promoting their own exhibitions.

Made in Western Australia.

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