Sultana Shamshi

Sultana Shamshi calls herself an artist jeweller; having started in ceramics, she then transitioned to jewellery. Sultana originally studied art at Sir J.J. School of Arts in Mumbai, India. In 2012, she completed an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery Design at the Central Institute of Technology in Perth.

Sultana’s work relies heavily on experimentation, both in terms of design and the traditional techniques of jewellery making. Sultana likes to explore ideas as to what constitutes preciousness in jewellery and ornamentation, and how best to convey the symbolism and emotional content in jewellery, which she finds the most personal and enduring aspect of all arts and crafts.\

Silver has always been Sultana’s preferred material but she uses various “found objects” and plays with diverse materials if she to, to convey and idea. Sultana is open to new technologies and materials in her quest to create an ideal object and is inspired by the powerful and immensely varied work of contemporary jewellers today.

Indian art and jewellery has a tradition of rich history and customs, and the mingling of two cultures – the Hindu and the Islamic – has given Sultana a very broad perspective to work from.

Sultana works from a small studio in her garden, which she calls her sanctum sanctorum, where time stops and the many hours she spends tending to it reward her with all the materials and inspiration to create her work.

Sultana has received several accolades and commendations for her exquisite work, including the Sievers Award for Academic and Design Excellence in the Art of Jewellery.

Made in Western Australia.

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