Julie Silvester

Julie Silvester has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. As a child she entered numerous art competitions through school and the local community.

From the age of twenty Julie has had the travel bug; travelling to the Eastern States, Asia and Europe. In 1998 she had the greatest pleasure spending a year long camping trip with her family around the magnificent coastline of Australia.

Julie has been painting in watercolours since she was 30 years old, and in 1999 changed to pastels due to their vibrancy, immediacy and the fact there was no drying time!

Water, in all its aspects, has fascinated Julie for years. She has enjoyed painting its reflection; its rapid movement and its overall incorporation with mankind and the coastal landscape.

Julie visits many locations that interest her and photographs it intensively. The photographs are her information source for details, but the overall experience of being at the actual place helps Julie to complete the work in her own interpretation.

Julie says her art is constantly evolving. The journey of self expression with paint or pastel is an exciting and fulfilling one for her. Through her artwork, Julie tries to capture moments in time and hopes that her works bring enjoyment, spiritually and visually, to the viewer as much as it did for her when she created them.

Made in Western Australia.

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