Mary Wallace

Mary Wallace has been a potter for more than 35 years. She and her husband run a studio between Denmark and Walpole on the south coast of Western Australia. She trained as a tableware maker and still enjoys the production methods which form the mainstay of the pottery. Much of this work centres on pieces that you can use and enjoy every day.

“I like to think all my pieces will become part of a household, being used often and becoming valued for their aesthetics as well as their usefulness.”

Mary also loves the challenges of working with porcelain and uses it to create pieces that are essentially decorative whilst still retaining a functional aspect. She is particularly interested in carving and inlaid decoration.

In recent years, Mary has trained with world renowned potters in South Korea and has brought back tool making and carving skills. These have inspired new directions and have become the focus of her work.

With the assistance of the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts, Mary has been developing a range of ceramics to reflect her Australian environment. She is currently working on a series featuring Australian plants. These include the Silver Princess (Eucalyptus caesia), the Kangaroo Paw, the Hooded Lily and the imported Arum Lily which, while beautiful, is overrunning the farm lands around her home.

Made in Western Australia.

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