Lily Mercer

Lily Mercer's ceramics capture the uniqueness of Australian animals. Her individual pieces are made in her studio in Perth, from the finest Australian porcelain and coloured clays.

Lily’s love of nature and passion for the environment provides a limitless reservoir of ideas. Animals and plants are integral to our wellbeing and the quirky expressions on the faces of her pieces bring a little gladness into the world. Our exquisite flora, endemic to Western Australia, often inspires the decorations.

Lily strives to promote awareness of the lesser known fauna of Western Australia and in particular those animals in decline. The adorable yet endangered numbat, with its skittish personality and long nose, is the Western Australian faunal emblem.

Her business, Potteroo, is named after the Gilbert’s Potoroo. This delightful marsupial was discovered in 1840 by naturalist John Gilbert and recorded again only a few times over the next 40 years. It was thought to be extinct since the late 1870s until rediscovered in 1994 at Two Peoples Bay near Albany, on the south coast of Western Australia. Their diet consists mostly of truffles. In 2015, bushfires decimated 90% of their habitat and wiped out many of these adorable marsupials. Thankfully, in 2010, a few animals had been relocated to Bold Island, saving them from extinction.

Made in Western Australia.

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