Jude Taylor

Jude Taylor is a highly collected Western Australian artist with a body of work spanning nearly three decades. She is renowned for her striking hand-coloured linocut prints, which are represented in private and institutional art collections throughout Australia.

Jude’s work is inspired by the ability of Western Australian native wildflowers to sustain life in a hostile environment.  The hardy Australian bush women, also able to flourish in a harsh West Australian environment, are another source of inspiration.

"As a young girl growing up in Western Australia, I remember the trips to the hills around Perth to see the wildflowers. Beautiful jewels of colour that displayed their beauty from harsh prickly and misshapen bushes, the smell, lusciousness and all the abundance were a joy to me then and still is today.   The wonder is that they (flowers and women) are still able to produce their feminine qualities. Flowers have beauty; they shelter and produce nectar, which is the sustenance of life. Linocuts are the perfect medium to capture the hard edge and my work is a tribute to these flowers of the Australian bush, and to women everywhere."

After working with repeat patterns of wildflowers in 2008, Jude branched out into textile production and created a line of homewares and clothing.

Jude’s Australian wildflower patterns have been featured in WA’s STM magazine, international design blog *DesignSponge and the 2013 refurbishment of the Western Australian Premier’s office.

Made in Western Australia.

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