Dennis 'Noongali' Kickett

Noongali (Dennis Kickett) was born in 1953 and until the age of 15 grew up in an extended Aboriginal family environment on the York Reserve in Western Australia. He is a member of the Balardong clan, a part of the Noongar tribe which is traditionally based in York and surrounding areas.

Noongali’s interest in art began in 1987 when he decided to take up painting to relieve stress. Recognition of his talent soon led to his first exhibition in 1989. Since then, Noongali has had many successful exhibitions and extensive private sales and commissions.

In 1997, Dennis established his own gallery in his hometown of York. Dennis relocated to Noosa, Queensland a few years later where he operated another successful gallery space. Returning to Perth in 2012 he established his second gallery, Yonga Boodjah Aboriginal Art Gallery, in the Swan Valley with his brother Phillip Narkle and operated it for four years. Since then Dennis has been living and painting in Perth, with his works being exhibited locally, interstate and internationally.

Made in Western Australia.

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