Delma White

Australian artist Delma White considers herself a contemporary botanic artist. Traditionally, botanical art is executed in watercolour or graphite, actual size with a plain background. Contrary to tradition she paints in oils, on canvas, in full saturated colour. The plant must be readily identified and is always larger than life, even though the work maybe a miniature. The subject is always ‘in situ’, in reference to the larger ecosystem. Delma always positions the subject in its natural habitat.

Delma paints intricate detail to be true to the beauty of nature.She doesn’t paint impressions of flowers. It is her purpose to capture the reason for its existence and how it looks and survives and its interactions with other plants and animals. Including the surroundings draws attention to the environment. Fascinating the viewer with the beauty and uniqueness of Western Australian flora is her aim. She wants the viewer to see and feel what she does when discovering a rare orchid glowing in the sun and petals fluttering in the breeze.

Made in Western Australia.

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