Claire Townsend

Claire Townsend completed most of her training at Curtin University, with a BA (art), Post Grad Dip (jewellery production) and MA (art). She has been teaching at Curtin for many years, and exhibits her own work nationally.

Claire’s own practice in based around a love of rings and challenging the traditional notions of what a ring is. She also has a passion for creating earrings, pendants and necklaces using a variety of materials such as anodised aluminium and sterling silver.

“Through jewellery forms I explore the dynamic exchange between dominant, complimentary and equal shapes and in that process construct a metaphor for intimacy and the influence, both supportive and non-supportive; that can have on our sense of self. I understand the ring as a symbolic carrier of commitment and love, however my forms express other dimensions of relationships. Reflecting an ideal, the rings are first and foremost objects of desire and represent the beauty we can create within our connections and interactions with others.”- Claire Townsend

Made in Western Australia.

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