Clive and Jenny Kendrick

Clive’s love affair with wood began as a four year old when he assisted his grandfather in the construction of a wooden toy box. Despite enjoying ‘tinkering’ with carpentry, it was only after he retired from a 35 year teaching career that he purchased his first wood turning lathe.

After 6 months of producing simple items such as cheese boards and desk sets, Clive decided to study with West Australian Master Turner, Dean Malcolm, to truly develop his technique in art of woodturning.

His skill and artistic ability has been acknowledged by his inclusion in the inaugural selected Westfarmers Fine Wood Awards in 1997, the highly prestigious Premier’s Gift Commission in 1998 and the invitational 25th Annual Alice Craft Acquisition in 1999 and his entry of a sculptural piece titled 'Desmonda’s Wedding' in the 'Inspirations in Wood' exhibition in Denmark, Western Australia, also won the wood turning prize. In 2003, his work was exhibited in 'Splinter – New Directions in Fine Wood' presented by FORM.

Kendrick is inspired by the surrounding forests and waterways of his home in Walpole, where he is invigorated by the beauty of its timber country and its peaceful and fresh atmosphere. His work, mainly platters, hollow forms and lidded boxes are created from sheoak and jarrah found in the surrounds of his property.

Jenny, his wife, creates distinct embellishments on most of his platter work. Her artistic designs are often inspired by the grain found in the wood and by patterns found in nature such as the intertwining reeds on the banks of the river. Each embellishment complements the piece, creating truly unique objects.

Made in Western Australia.

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