Angus and Celeste

In 2007 Angus and Celeste founders Keir Angus MacDonald and Asha Celeste Cato visualised a brand that revelled in all the colour and wonder of the natural world. With a love of eclectic objects, they set out to create their own style of fascinating and highly crafted ceramics. The Angus and Celeste brand was thus founded with this clear guiding principle.

Drawing upon art school roots combined with a clean and orderly edge, Angus and Celeste employ an array of techniques such as botanical photography, 3D rendering, hand built ceramic forms, screen-printing, plaster turning and painting techniques.

The Angus and Celeste collections meld artistic practice, traditional craft techniques and modern design technologies into a unique fusion. The end result is a timeless but recognisably contemporary product range, with a distinctly Australian feel.

Angus and Celeste has grown to be a brand synonymous with quality and individuality, and strive to make objects that are both functional and useful in daily life. Working from the values of originality, sustainability and appreciation, the company is dedicated to creating ‘Modern Collectables’ that are timeless in their aesthetic and made to last.

Aspects stocks Angus and Celeste's Australian made ranges only.

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