Andrea Osses

Andrea Osses is an artist and jewellery designer with many years of experience in fine arts and silversmithing. After completing a Bachelor of Arts (Arts and Crafts Design) degree in Chile, Andrea went on to teach art in secondary colleges and lecture at a university in silversmithing and contemporary and creative jewellery design, before moving with her family to Perth.

The work Andrea creates uses ancient Mapuche techniques, indigenous to south-central Chile and south-western Argentina, adapting styles she has learnt from teachers and combining them with her contemporary vision.

All her pieces are crafted by hand using silver, copper, gold and brass. Along with influences from indigenous ceramics and textiles from the Andes, Andrea includes leather, stones and mementos she has collected on her journey and includes them in her pieces.

Andrea has run her own small business designing, manufacturing and selling her jewellery in Perth and overseas since 2014.

Made in Western Australia.

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