Wild Food Plants of Australia

Australian Nature Fieldguide: Wild Food Plants of Australia
Tim Low

'Australian Nature Fieldguide: Wild Food Plants of Australia' is the field guide edition of 'Wild Food Plants of Australia'. It is presented in a concise, convenient form to facilitate quick and ready reference in the field.

Tim Low has provided a truly reliable guide to our edible flora, making identification easy, thus it is a perfect companion for bushwalkers, naturalists, scientists and, with emphasis on wild food cuisine, gourmets. Low describes more than 180 plants - from the most tasty and significant plant foods of southern and eastern Australia to the more important and spectacular inland and tropical foods. Distribution maps are provided with each description plus notes on how these plants were used in the past and can be used today.

Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs and line drawings there is also a guide to poisonous and non-poisonous plants, and information on introduced food plants, the nutrients found in wild food plants, on bush survival, and how to forage for and cook with wild plants.

Dimensions: H 18.8cm x W 12.6cm x D 1.4cm

ISBN: 9780207169304

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

Publication Date: 1991

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 248