Tuart Dwellers

Jan Ramage, illustrated by Ellen Hickman

From the break of dawn to nightfall, the tuart is not as it appears.  Leaves and bark, trunk and branches - all are places of pretence, traps and trickery.

Find out what surprise a "moon crater" might hide and why a bullseye borer drills holes; how a crab spider goes shopping and a jewel beetle becomes a seedpod; why a dragon wears a beard and how a gecko talks. And meet the "mad hatterpiller", who does a very clever hat trick.

'Tuart Dwellers' celebrates the diversity, colour and ingenuity of the natural world.

Short listed for the Children's Book Council of Australia - Eve Pownall Award and Winner of the Wilderness Society of Australia's Environmental Children's Book of the year award.

For ages seven to 12 years old

Dimensions: H 21.7cm x W 26.5cm

ISBN: 9781876615307

Publisher: WA Naturally Publications

Publication Date: 2008

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 32