The Waterwise Australian Native Garden

The Waterwise Australian Native Garden: A practical guide to garden design, plant selection and much more
Angus Stewart and AB Bishop

First published as 'The Australian Native Garden'

There's never been a more crucial time to droughtproof your garden and to consider Australian native plants as a key component in your outdoor space. This award-winning practical volume, from two of the country's foremost horticultural experts, offers everything you need to know about designing and growing a garden that promotes careful water use and features Australian native plants in the home garden. Including information on the fundamentals of Australian soils, cultivation techniques, drainage, pruning, fertilising and maintenance, as well as creating a fire-resistant garden, establishing habitats attractive to native fauna and growing your own bush foods.

'The Waterwise Australian Native Garden' is a highly illustrated, comprehensive showcase of the best plants to choose and the best gardens from which to draw inspiration. It's a must-have for garden lovers all over this wide, brown land.

'If you're looking to improve or create a native garden, this is the book for you' - Australian Geographic

'This is a book to treasure, and one that will be a companion for a lifetime' - Adelaide Advertiser

'An authoritative reference for home gardeners everywhere' - Country Home Ideas

About the Authors:

Australia's leading native plant expert, Angus Stewart is a professional horticulturalist who has spent a lifetime working with and breeding Australian plants to make them more gardener-friendly. Angus is well known as a former presenter on ABC's Gardening Australia. The author of five previous gardening books, including the bestselling Creating an Australian Garden (working with AB Bishop), Angus contributes to Gardening Australia magazine and has written for a host of other publications. He is the recipient of numerous awards, most recently the Plant Propagators' Society International Award of Honour as well as being admitted into the Horticultural Media Association's Hall of Fame.

AB Bishop is a horticulturalist and conservationist, who lives in an environmental living zone where native fauna and flora are actively protected by residents. She writes for Gardening Australia magazine and The Age newspaper, and appears regularly on Melbourne's 3CR gardening program. She was researcher for ABC's Gardening Australia program for five years and currently works at a native nursery. Her book Habitat, published in 2018, is the definitive work on creating a wildlife-friendly Australian garden.

Dimensions: H 28cm x W 21.5cm

ISBN: 9781760525552

Publisher: Murdoch Books

Publication Date: 2019

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 288