The Complete Orchids of Western Australia

The Complete Orchids of Western Australia
Two volume set
Andrew Brown

This is new version of the 2022 book set with updated text, 70 improved photos and two recently named species added.

Written by one of Western Australia's most distinguished orchid authorities, and featuring over 1500 colour photographs, this comprehensive two volume set is a culmination of all that has been learned in the 212 years since Robert Brown formally described the first Western Australian orchid species in 1810. It contains photos and descriptions for all 42 genera and 470 orchid species currently known to occur in Western Australia, including 413 that are formally named and 57 that are unnamed but are thought to be distinct. In addition, four unnamed subspecies are included as well as 20 formally named hybrids. All the known Western Australian orchids, both temperate and sub-tropical, are represented in this comprehensive publication.

'The Complete Orchids of Western Australia' is a comprehensive resource for botanists, enthusiasts and initiates alike and contains everything they need, including:

  • A detailed introduction to the Western Australian orchids
  • Species are placed in order of similarity so the reader can readily compare them
  • Up to three photos for each species showing important diagnostic features
  • Information on each species, including who named them and where they were first collected, habitat, distribution, flowering period, size, and distinguishing features
  • Maps showing where each species is found

Dimensions: H 20.9cm x W 14.8cm

ISBN: 9780646862590

Publisher: Orchidaceous IDS

Publication Date: 2022

Format: Softcover