Our Strangely Normal Home

Our Strangely Normal House
Fleur Schell

This book is based on an artwork titled ‘Floorplan’ by Western Australian ceramic artist, Fleur Schell.

The inspiration behind ‘Floorplan’ was a collection of Fleur’s grandmothers old suitcases looking for a new home. Slowly over a year Fleur transformed twelve suitcases into a series of dioramas representing every room of her home. The result was a single wall mounted artwork. Each suitcase divulges the everyday, standard goings on in her families far from regular home. Translating ‘Floorplan' into an illustrative book has given Fleur wonderful freedom to embellish the myths that are now legend in their home.

Dimensions: H 30.8cm x W 30.6cm

Format: Hardback