McFadyen Picnic Rug

"We've got my mum to thank for this one. She was quite sick last year and while visiting her I threw a rug over my legs to keep them warm. The tartan rug had been in the family for a long time and appeared at picnics or trips to the country. As I sat there talking to her I begun to notice that the yarn it was knitted from was quite harsh - it's no wonder it lasted so long. Further inspection revealed that it was made using Shetland yarn renowned for its strength - perfect for a picnic rug." - Otto and Spike

Origin: Made in Australia

Materials: 100% surplus premium Australian lambswool, lined with moisture-proof backing

Dimensions: L 160cm x W 160cm

Note: These picnic blankets are proudly made from 100% surplus wools. As a concequence, colours are continually being updated as each individual colour runs out. The colourway photographs shown online are indicative only. When you select a picnic blanket, we will ship the current blanket within that colourway.