In an Australian Light



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In an Australian Light: Photographs from Across the Country
Jo Turner

Australia is drenched in a light that is different from anywhere else in the world. A light so distinctive, we know it can only be of one place.

Imagined as a celebration of the particular beauty of Australian light, this generous publication roams the country, from rugged coastline to arid outback, to reveal how light shapes our wide, brown land. Wind-etched rocks, patterns in sand. Teal oceans. Surfers, slick in their wetsuits against the morning sun. A beach filled with people. A beach with no people. Rockpools. High-rise buildings against sand and sea. Golden sunsets over city skylines. Rays reaching through forest branches to frosted ground. Paddocks muted by mist, trees laden with luminous snow. The variation in the fall of light on our landscape seems limitless.

With an introduction by a galactic astrophysicist, 'In an Australian Light' reminds us of the myriad ways we experience light in this vast and diverse land.

About the Author:
Jo Turner was born with a passion for books and has had the great fortune to build a career doing what she loves; crafting knowledge and ideas into beautiful, accessible books for audiences around the world.

Dimensions: H 32.3cm x W 27.5cm x D 2cm

ISBN: 9781760760472

Publisher: Thames and Hudson Australia Pty Ltd

Publication Date: 2019

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 160