Hakeas: A Field and Garden Guide

Hakeas: A Field and Garden Guide
Ivan Holliday

'Hakeas: A Field and Garden Guide' is the first fully comrehensive book on this plant group. Most Hakeas are shrubs. Many bear beautiful flower spikes, followed by large, unusual fruits which are popular in dried flower arrangements.

It features all 148 species and 15 sub-species known. It is an important contribution to our knowledge of native plants. For botanists who have, to date, had no reference for this group, the book will prove invaluable. For gardeners, the cultivation notes will guide them in their selection and care of these useful native plants.

Dimensions: H 13cm x W 11.8cm x D 1.3cm

ISBN: 9781877069147

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

Publication Date: 2005

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 224